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Do you know that the energy of illness can precede your introduction?
For those that are highly intuitive, you can be picking up on someones illness and even have a reaction to how you greet them when they introduce themselves. Cancer has a very strong energy, and I can sometimes be introduced to such energy without ever wanting to know such details. During a recent festival, I was offering mini readings and as such I tend to remain in the high energy of that the entire day, even when on 'break'. An example of this, was when an older gentleman who looked to be deep in his 70's, and his lovely much younger girlfriend crossed to a table in front of our booth- I turned to my guy and said ' Hmm....See that older guy at that table?" Yes, he affirmed. " Well, he has skin cancer" Frank has gotten used to this over the years, so he took it in stride.  

​ But Spirit has a way of working so that we are given opportunities, and sure enough some time later I looked up to see who my next mini reading appointment was- and it was him and his lovely younger girlfriend! Over the years I have learned that o
ne needs to be ready to hear a message, so it wasn't like I was going to run up to him when I saw him the first time and try to find the right moment to bring the subject up! But here he was! So I had to deliver the message- and the first thing I did was say to him. " Well I am not surprised to see you- for as you walked by- I saw something about you- and I wish to share it with you- what I know. May I share what I saw with you before we start the reading?" He told me that he is a very open guy.... Permission granted I said, " You have skin cancer." ( Spirit rarely offers any sugar coating- unless you truly need it that way- most who come to me either don't need it wrapped in a bow or need a good wake up call - the kind that doesn't come from sugar coating. ) He nodded, as his girlfriend let out a grasp simultaneously. " Yes, that's right" he said as he began rolling up his sleeve. He showed me his forearm and in it was a healing cut with a row of stitches still in place. He looked me in the eye, and said " I just had it removed 5 days ago."
Cancer has an energy all to it's own. Most times, it is your personal wake up call to heed. Over the years a few patterns have come up for me when I see cancer energy. That different areas of the body represent different areas of one's life. I have learned that when I see it - to look beyond in conjunction with Spirit to see the cause- or need for it in your life- and how you may recognize the issues within to work on, to help free yourself from it. Ultimately, only you may do this 'homework. We had a lovely reading the 3 of us, the younger woman had been brought into his life to help free him - through the joy of love- and to teach simple joy too- and thus formed a small part in his life change- to aid him on his journey. He still had a ways to go, which we discussed during his reading concerning where he had been emotionally prior to meeting her- and where they were going together. The body does not work without the mind and spirit. It is not an island, for us to isolate. When illness or injury become present in our life, we have to treat and seek answers as a whole.

If you know someone, or even perhaps yourself- who have fought or are fighting cancer- perhaps you need to look beyond to the Spiritual correlation and what you may need to work on. 

For more information on the Psycho-Emotional roots of Cancer, feel free to read this 

Psycho-emotional roots of cancer- Acupuncture Today
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          Everyday we go through the motions of daily living. We do the laundry, make dinner, plan the next days activities, and sometimes try to eek out a moment or two for ourselves. In the controlled chaos of our lives, we can also get a bit frazzled. When we do, we intuitively know what brings us back to the centre of our being. 

Grounding is a skill taught not only in professional counselling and mental health and wellness curriculum's, but in esoteric learnings as well. Suggestions like meditation, yoga, visualization techniques and more are often offered as avenue's to achieve grounding. Effective as they may be, some of us have never had the opportunity to practice such methods unless we are presented with that knowledge. Little do we realize, that we intuitively practice grounding everyday. It's in the little things that we do.

It's in the morning ritual of pouring a cup of tea, and enjoying the quiet for a moment.  The soft stroking of our family pet after a long day. That weekend marathon of a hike among the trees or planting in the garden. Each act in itself, is the practice of grounding at it's most basic intuitive level. 

Sometimes, we forget how to be centred, and we recognize when we are out of sorts. We get edgy and irritated, at sometimes even the smallest things. We find ourselves answering our loved one's requests with a slight edge to our voice. We think about how we haven't had time, for such things as a yoga class, or the pressure of the up and coming work deadline. We don't always like ourselves.

When that happens, Intuitively we know how to set things right again. It is when we seek out those soft moments, of our rituals of grounding. We put the tea kettle on to boil. We call the dog over for a pat, and maybe go for a walk. We gather our loved ones close for a hug. We stop and just enjoy the moment. We intuitively practice grounding again to right ourselves, and we feel more like ourselves again. We may not even give it a passing thought as we pick up where we left off, but our spirit knows.

The next time you feel pressured by life, and long for the craziness to slow down even just a little bit. Stop and enjoy the rituals of grounding you have built into your life. Your spirit will thank you.

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I can recall as early as a child of six knowing how to work with energies. I would try to offer comfort to animals and the occasional person.  How I knew? I have no idea. It was just there. 
On one such occasion my sister, who was supposed to go out for the day with her boyfriend, was curled up on her bed moaning in pain from a horrible migraine. She was at the "end of her rope" so to speak. On that day, I had the courage to try something that I had always felt compelled to do when she would get into such an agitated state, but as of yet hadn't had the courage to bring up. So, I asked her if she would try something for me. She looked at me like any older sister would, with limited patience for what I was going to propose. But intense pain has a way of making you consider things you may never have considered otherwise. She agreed.
  I asked her to lie down and close her eyes. I then asked her to concentrate on her breath, helping her achieve a meditative place in her mind and body. How I knew to ask her to do this, again I have no idea. Next, I started the "laying of hands"- just placing my hands on areas of her body-  that just felt like she needed it, and held them there feeling them tingle and burn. I asked her to concentrate on her breathing and we did so together.
After several quiet minutes of breathe work and hand placements, she relaxed to the point where she felt in control again and after several more she looked at me in complete surprise. Her migraine, which had left her thrashing in pain, had lessened to such a degree that felt like it was a wondrous release. The gripping talon squeezing her skull had uncurled itself releasing her from its grasp. She was amazed- and I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world!  She then got up off the bed, gave me a rare happy hug and bounced out of the room, calling back a "Thanks, I'm going to call John now".  And off she went. Just like that.

   Over the years many cumulative events have come to pass in my life's journey and led me to become a Master Reiki Practitioner. Life has a way of turning full circle and hearing your intuition plays a part in it. Call it fate, or synchronicity but what I knew as a child and I had kept under wraps - was to become part of the cycle of my life and learnings.
​ The circle of Reiki swirled into view on a day in 2011, when I stumbled across an article. It explained about a Japanese healing technique that involved the ‘laying of hands’ and about the sacred Reiki symbols,invoking healing energies and the art of sharing that energy with others. My stomach did a little flip of recognition, and I didn’t need any more convincing, as things that I had been doing naturally all my life- were in that article! I had been dealing with the recognition of some of my 'gifts' and how to bring them out into the world without looking like a nut bar. I try not to ignore signs from Spirit and I signed up for the course the next day! 

 If I thought for a moment that it wasn’t Spirit and fate to find that article that day-then what happened when I got home - hammered the point home. 
  As part of the course, we were formally taught the sacred symbols of ‘cho-ku-rei ‘and ‘sei-hei-ki’. I found them incredibly easy to draw during class while some others struggled with the form and flow of them. I didn’t think much of that at the time until later when I got home.
  As I passed by the phone- it happened to ring. I stopped to answer it and grabbed a pen and paper and started to doodle like I always have when I speak on the phone. 
   I found my fingers looping and flowing like usual. Just then- some of my older doodles caught my eye. I grabbed the papers and stared at them. I found myself rubbing my eyes and my mouth fell open with what I saw, as I knew that pattern like the back of my hand. I had been doodling it for years and years. There on my papers I had carelessly left near the phone, was the sacred symbols of healing that I learned that day- and it turns out I had been drawing them all my life! 
A full circle wake up call…

 Since then, I have learned a great deal about the "just knowing" part of me .  Reiki sessions with clients have helped  further my development of understanding of my intuition skills in my work as a psychic intuitive medium and deepen the knowledge that we truly are all connected in this journey. And that journey has brought me here to share this gift with you.

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I have learned not to doubt what Spirit tells me! Learning to trust in Spirit has been a life long journey. A reminder once in a awhile is like a refresher course, and in this story you to will be shown that even when we are told something via Spirit, we may not understand that message at first. But when we do, that message has even more impact than we may have thought, changing who we are.
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One never knows when an ordinary day can turn into extraordinary one.

Today I share an epiphany of sorts, that I had been lead to after an unexpected turn in my day. 

​I never know when Spirit will show up and just what lessons I will learn that day!

Click play- and don't forget to turn your sound on :) For those on mobile - feel for to hit the 'CC' ( closed caption) button on the video so you can read the story if you prefer to.
<![CDATA[A FORK IN MY ROAD LESS TRAVELLED..]]>Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:12:03 GMThttp://withangela.com/insightsandstories/a-fork-in-my-road-less-travelled


My day started out like any other day....
      I got up, and I got ready and went to work. That’s it- pretty simple really. Nothing eventful happened that I can recall on my way to work. No strange feelings or missed stop signs happened while I was driving there. Just your regular joe average kind of day. Or so I thought.
    “We’re going for our coffee break, you coming?” asked one of my work colleagues. They were headed for break together and had stopped to see why I hadn’t followed their lead.
      “Nah, It’s too early. I’ll go later” I replied.
 And off they went, the group of them leaving me alone. I admit there was no strange feeling like I should, or shouldn’t go with them. Everything was fine, and I proceeded to get on with my work. There I was planning out strategy, full engrossed in my train of thought, and that’s when my normal day turned to something else.
     “ I’m sorry, Ang. I love you.” I heard like an echo, as a wave of feeling crashed over me. It sounded like my Dad, and he was ‘talking’ to me. Everything became still. Strange, was my first reaction. I think I even muttered the word ‘Odd’ aloud. One second I am standing there formulating a plan for the day, and the next I am overcome by a pressure. Or rather a sensation of calmness and pressure, as I felt my mental self being pushed to the left while my Dad came thru loud and clear in my head. His message and voice stunned me. “ I love you” I heard again very clearly. “ And I need to go” echoed in my brain. My stomach dropped and I felt sick immediately. My heart squeezed painfully and tears came to my eyes at the idea of what this may mean. ‘ No this can’t be’ I thought to myself, my mind reeling. “ How can this be possible?” I whispered to myself.
     No warning signs had prepared me- no phone calls of impending health crashes- no calls from Mom saying things aren’t looking so good- nothing. That left me struggling to comprehend the incomprehensible. The fleeting thought of sanity and its relation to me possibly parting ways came to mind, thus causing me to momentarily wonder if this is how one goes about losing their mind. Just like that, and that quickly.

   I was then somehow being forced to tear myself away from these musings and distractions to continue to hear what was being relayed to me. The connection took over and once again he came through to me. “ I have to go, I’m sorry, I need to go” I heard him say. “ I wanted to tell you I love you” It was fading in and out by now, reverberating in my mind.
   An overwhelming surge of love accompanied this sentence, flushing like an inner light within me. While my brain grappled with this, I could see my body seemingly frozen in the position of writing down a plan on the whiteboard we used, arm raised and marker at a ready stance.  Some how, some way, I had fallen into a rabbit hole of sorts.
    This couldn’t be happening I reasoned with myself.  My dad lived 3500 kilometers away and he was there, in my head! He apologized again and my heart and stomach fell further with the knowledge of what this meant. Despite the oddity of it all, I found myself answering back. “It’s okay Dad, You can go…I love you too.”  The emotion of love welling up from the depths of my heart, pure and all encompassing. And that’s when I knew it was true. Just like that.
  Upon my utterance of a goodbye, I felt a release from the connection and whether it’s my imagination or not, I swear I heard a big sigh. Where do you go from there? What do you do?
    My mind was in turmoil with what had just happened. My body, felt like a gong had been rung and the vibrations were pulsing through me. I felt disorientated and the fluorescent lights felt overly bright and harsh making my eyes hurt. I gave my head a shake to see if I could re orientate myself.
  I turned to look around, to see if anyone else had noticed my strange still motion behavior. The room, which normally has at least 6 people working in it, was completely empty, and I was alone. How could this be? Did it really happen?  What just happened would be the better question.

   And before I could figure anything out, or make some sort of sense of it, the phone started to ring. A far away sound from where I had just been. Way down at the other end of the department the phone was ringing like the shrill of a seagull.  And somehow, I knew it was for me. I just knew! And I felt dread at the thought that I would now find out for sure.
  I took a deep breath and willed my body to move. The walk to the phone at the other end of the room was like walking through a tunnel. So long did it feel that I wondered how long it was really taking me, and if the caller would hang up before I got there. The logical side of me gave my mental ass a boot. A mental pep talk was in order. Get a hold of yourself before you answer that phone! What if it’s just someone with a mundane question? I took a deep breath and ignored the turning vortex of my churning stomach. I took another deep breath through my nose so I wouldn’t vomit and I picked up the receiver.
    My first attempt to say hello came out as a squeak, never quite forming a word. I cleared my throat and tried again using my will power to push my body to say hello with a semblance of normalcy.      
     “ Hello, Angela speaking” I managed to croak out.
 The caller stuttered and I could feel the mental wheels turning on the other end of the phone.
“ Ang?” finally came the cry on the other end.
  It was my mother, who never calls me at work. She faltered and said my name again with a sense of wonder attached.
“ It’s me, Mom.” I squeaked.
“ Sorry, I didn’t expect you to answer the phone, and…and…I was prepared to ask for you. You surprised me.” I could hear the strain in her voice as she tried to gather the courage to say what she needed to. She thought she would have more time to figure it out.
“ I thought I would have to ask for you” she confirmed.
I took a deep breath and blurted out what I already knew.
 “ It’s okay Mom I already know. Dad’s gone.”
  I was trying to make this easier for her. Tears started to flow down my face like a tap had turned on.
“ I already know, Mom” I repeated with finality.
 “What...But. But…How? How do you know? Did your sister call you?” she asked bewildered.
 “No.” I stated. Astonished silence greeted my answer, one of the greatest pregnant pauses of my life thus far.
She repeated herself,  asking again how I knew.

      I could feel the confusion deepening over the line. I didn’t really know how to fix this without telling the truth. I felt a wave of embarrassment at the thought of trying to explain what I knew to be true and looking like I had lost my marbles. This was too important of a time to be worried about what people think. I told my ego to shove it and attempted to explain, making no sense and stumbling over my words and crying at the same time. My life path altered once again that day by an irrevocable loss.
    My dad had passed away from complications of kidney failure and diabetes. And he loved me enough to say goodbye. What more is there to be said? I have shaken all doubt that life truly is about being as  ‘ONE’ and I have to tell you that I am not afraid of dying. What I am afraid of is dying before I get to chance to do, see and love all that I wish to experience. In fact, I am so comforted by this knowing that to me it will be like finally going home. Not that I’m in any hurry to get there.
   I don’t come by this belief due to any religion or following. It comes to me from knowing what my true-life purpose is on this earth. And even though I hadn’t faced up to the calling at the time of my Dad’s passing, what happened helped me along that journey. I am of the belief that we all have a spirit or energy, and that love is a big part of that.

​    How deep and profound that belief has become has changed me at my core. I didn't truly understand that I am a Medium, and how that would change my life till many years after, and I am not asking you to jump up and believe in me, or believe in what I can tell you to be true. I am just asking that you have an open mind. To contemplate that there is more to life then just what we see with our own eyes.  And to never lose faith, for our loved ones truly are waiting for us.
     ~ Angela ~